BHM: Maryland Governor Wes Moore

MARYLAND – Maryland’s newest Governor Wes Moore is the first Black governor of the state.

Governor Moore was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, and lost his father at a young age to a rare viral infection. His mother soon moved the governor and his two sisters to the Bronx, New Year. His mother then sent him off to Valley Force Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania, where Moore credits the school with unleashing his leadership capacity that he now uses to lead our state.

Moore later went on to attend Johns Hopkins University, as well as studying at Oxford, leading to fellowship at the White House. He was also deployed overseas as Captain of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, and more recently, he led New York’s largest anti-poverty organization, the Robinhood Foundation.

He is also an accomplished author, whose writing caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who endorsed his campaign for governor.

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