New greenhouse to provide hands-on learning for elementary students, exposure to STEM fields

MILLSBORO Del. –  The SNAC Garden Foundation is providing more Delaware students with interactive STEM experiences, setting up a greenhouse at Longneck Elementary School on Saturday.

This effort was made possible from environmental grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Volunteers got their hands dirty, setting up the frame for the greenhouse and expanding garden beds with sheet mulch.

SNAC organizers tells us their curriculum reaches students K-5th grade, allowing them to get hands-on learning with science, math, and even how to grow their own food. “The garden is a good opportunity to kind of see how environment works on a larger scale because they spend 5 years learning how an ecosystem works and at the end of that they have an intimate relationship with nature,” Executive Director Shandra Furtado said.

Furtado tells us the greenhouse is expected to be completed by next week.

In addition to Longneck Elementary, SNAC has programming at Southern Delaware School of Arts and North Georgetown Elementary.

We’re told there will also be a garden installed at the new Howard T. Ennis School in Georgetown.

To find out more about SNAC, click here

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