Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller vows to fight for Marylanders upon swearing-in


ANNAPOLIS, Md. – While Marylanders celebrated a new Governor Wednesday, they also welcomed their new Lieutenant Governor. Born in India, Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller is the first South Asian woman elected to the position in the United States. She is also the first Asian American, and first immigrant, to hold the office in Maryland.

Path to Office

Lt. Gov. Miller was sworn in as a Maryland Delegate, representing District 15, 12 years ago. She served for eight years, and says through her tenure she learned that best way to represent constituents, was to be herself.

“It took me a long time to realize that it’s never about needing to fit into a space created by others. It was always about having the courage to be my authentic self in every space,” said Lt. Gov. Miller.

The newly sworn-in Lieutenant Governor served on a plethora of committees and assignments during her time in the Maryland General Assembly. Her former titles include President of the Women Legislators of Maryland, Chair of the House Appropriations Oversight of Personnel Subcommittee, and Vice-chair of the House Appropriations Transportation and Environment and House Appropriations Capital Budget Subcommittees.

“Too many people have been left behind.”

Lt. Gov. Miller vowed to follow through on the slogan that carried her and Governor Wes Moore into office: leave no one behind.

“Too many of our communities have been denied opportunities to live fully, freely, and to be their authentic selves,. Too many people have been left behind,” said Lt. Gov. Miller. “Governor Moore and I see you, we hear you, and will continue to fight for you.”

The Lieutenant Governor says she and Gov. Moore will address inequities of the past, and build a Maryland where everyone can thrive.

“Together, with you, we will write the next chapter of Maryland’s history; a chapter that will be filled with real-time heroes, like you,” said Lt. Gov. Moore.

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