Gov. Moore’s inauguration draws thousands, including Eastern Shore citizens

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Governor Wes Moore’s inauguration drew spectators from across the state and the region. Folks from the Eastern Shore were also in Annapolis Wednesday morning to witness, and take part in, history.

“I’m proud to be a Marylander, and days like this make me even more proud,”  said Salisbury City Council President Muir Boda.

Learning The Map

But for those who made early morning the trek across the Bay Bridge, it wasn’t just about witnessing lessons that will be taught in future generations’ history books.

“You want to hear the vision laid out on the official day. I think it’s important to try to understand how we can work with the state government, and the Governor’s Office, for Salisbury,” said Boda.

Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee (WCDCC) member, Megan Outten, says she traveled to Annapolis with the same mission.

“I think it’s important that the Eastern Shore is represented here. Today is not only just a big day for Wes, but it’s a big day for Maryland. I want to make sure that the Eastern Shore is a part of this moment, as well,” said Outten. “Wes’ message this entire time has been we’re all in this together. Making sure that every single region of Maryland is accounted for today is, I think, really important.”

“We can make it.”

And for others, it was even more personal than that.

WCDCC Chair, Demetria Marshall, says Governor Moore’s run for office inspired her to get involved in politics in her own backyard. As she canvassed for his election, Marshall was on her own political run.

“I was not a Republican or a Democrat before I got in the race. I was an independent. I just like to help people, and when I heard him speak, something stood up inside of me that made me want to get in the race, and made me want to support his vision,” said Marshall.

Marshall says not only was this an important moment to witness with her own eyes; she also wanted to learn what’s in store for future generations.

“The Eastern Shore just doesn’t know what they have in store. We literally have a jewel,” said Marshall. “I just want my grandkids and the next generation to see that we can make it.”

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