Wor-Wic expands course offerings for students interested in Communications



SALISBURY, Md. – Wor-Wic Community College recently expanded their communication offerings for their general studies degree.

Students can choose from courses like Introduction to Human Communication, Writing for Digital Media, and more.

We’re told it’s a move to expose more students to the field if they choose to major in it when they head to a four-year institution.

One professor tells us students from other disciplines are also taking advantage of the new courses as an elective. “I have a lot of nursing students for example in Interpersonal Communication. When you think about how important non-verbal communication is in that field, they want to have good bedside manners and be an effective communicator,” English Professor Amy O’Neal-Self said.

“Our goal is to have students become better communicators and prepare them for whatever lies ahead on the other side of their journey at Wor-Wic.”

Those courses are available for students to view and enroll in now.

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