Operation We Care helps send care package to remote army unit delopyed in Alaska


SALISBURY, Md- Operating We Care helped to pack and ship 61 care packages filled with snacks, candy, Christmas decorations, and more Saturday, hoping to brighten the day of the Blackhawk Troop at the JBER airforce base in Alaska.

“We want to just remind them we are here we support them we may not know them but we care about them, and we thank them,” said Operation We Care Director Jeff Merritt.

Paulina Dones and her husband, the Unit’s former commander lived at the base for over a year, she says she’s seen firsthand how tough it can be.

“When the winter hits their training picks up so they are out there in the field for weeks at a time with negative temperature snow up to their waste those kinds of living conditions, especially when they get 3 hours of sunlight,” Dones said.
Dones reached out to Operation We Care earlier in the year, asking them for help, and even called in today to thank the volunteers who spent hours packing up the care packages and getting them ready to ship.
She says she’s seen the care packages really make an impact on those serving at the base.

“You think it’s just a snack but it’s so much more than that to those who need an act of kindness, these packages when they receive them I heard them go wow this is the first gift I have gotten in years,” Dones said.

Merritt says he is proud to give those deployed a reason to smile.

“We love doing stuff like this is a moral boost and gives us a chance to get members of the community together and gets everyone in the giving spirit,” Merritt said.

The 61 packages are expected to arrive just in time for Christmas.





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