New DIY studio space promotes all things artistic, births creativity

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Have you been thinking of ways to challenge yourself creatively?

You now have the opportunity to do that, as the Developing Artist Collaboration in Rehoboth Beach recently transformed it’s Out of the Box Warehouse into a DIY Experience studio. “We wanted to offer something a little be more unique than what you typically find here on the Delaware beaches. A creative space but it also has the ability to be utilized for a ton of different things,” DePaul said.

The transition comes after the growth in popularity of their paint pour activity.

It’s simple! You pour a variety of colors into a cup, pour the mixture on a wooden figure, and let the magic happen.

It’s turned into the main revenue driver for the non-profit. “The typical non-profit as many know is predominantly funded by grants or donations, but we want to create this economy of sustainability for us and generate our own revenue so we can give that much further back to the community,” DePaul said.

Now with over 400 artists part of the collaborative, Operations Director Gina DePaul says the space will also give those creatives more exposure. “So yes, we have events where they will vend and sell their art as their main product, but we also want them to come here and have some sort of employment as well as potentially teach their own workshops,” DePaul said.

If you think you don’t a creative bone in your body, DePaul has this message for you. “So, we really want to change that mindset. Folks will come in, again all ages, and think they can’t create art and will leave creating something they’re really proud of and will hang it on their wall. That’s why our motto is come out and make some art that doesn’t suck,” DePaul said.

The Developing Artist Collaboration tells 47ABC, funds raised will also go to purchase additional equipment needed for the studio.

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