How to protect against porch pirates


SALISBURY, Md- USPS and local police are warning holiday shoppers to stay safe against porch pirates this holiday season.

According to the USPS, 60 million packages will be sent this holiday season, and the best way to make sure those packages end up in the right hands is to minimize the amount of time they spend sitting outside.
The USPS says major carriers now have the option to add delivery instructions, including to deliver the packages to the post office if you are out of town, or during specific times when you are home.
Salisbury Police say protecting yourself against porch pirates means taking away their opportunity to steal unattended packages.

“You are going to see an increase in packages this time of year so one of the better things to do is to know what time your deliveries are coming and plan on being their or setting the time or delivery options,” said SPD Captain Ryan Koerner.

USPS Midatlantic Region Spokesman Mark Wahl tells 47ABC, shoppers can also plan to have packages delivered straight to the post office if they know they won’t be home or add custom instructions for deliveries to place packages out of site.

“Make recommendations on your package put them on hold if you are leaving for a few days, you can even leave instructions to the carriers tell them to leave them in backyards, or in areas out of site,” Wahl said.

Police say ring doorbells and security systems can act as a deterrent or catch people in the act, of taking the package.
They also warn against putting out the boxes from newly purchased items on the curb, to avoid advertising what might be inside a home for those looking to break in.


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