Homeless shelters prepare for what could be an influx of people amid cold temps

DELMARVA – With extremely cold temperatures, that’s what homeless advocates are most concerned about.

This as they open for the first night of the winter season. “We don’t know what to expect to a certain extent but we’ve already had some calls with people wanting to know if they’re able to come in, so we’re gearing up to take as many as we can,” says Angel Simpson, the Guests Program Administrator with HALO Ministries.

With temperatures set to hit record lows, homeless shelters across Delmarva are preparing for what could be an influx of people in need of shelter. Homeless advocate Martha Gery tells us why this is so important. “With these gusting winds, their tents get destroyed, they’re not made to be lived in full time, so it breaks down and then how are they surviving threw that time, cause they can’t put another one up because they don’t have another one,” says President of Milford Advocacy for the Homeless.

Gery says it’s not only the tent the individual loses but body heat, no matter how many heaters are outside for them. “A lot of these individuals can’t get warm and when someone can’t get warm so when someone can’t get warm, its a lot of causes where hypothermia comes into place, its I can’t get my body warm,” Gery adds.

On Monday, Milford Mayor Archie Campbell said he was planning to figure out a solution for the area’s homeless. And as of Friday, the city will offer more resources for those without a home who would otherwise be out in the cold. “They are opening their public works building and providing a room where 27 people can stay starting at 7 o’clock at night til 7 o’clock on Monday night,” Gery says.

In Salisbury, those services are also available. “If you see or know of anyone who needs shelter for the night, we’re talking walk-ups starting at 7 pm. They can come into eat at 6 in the cafe, and just come into the shelter, the only people we will not be taking are sex offenders,” says Simpson.

Gery with the advocacy group says that you can help out their initiatives by visiting their Facebook page and also donating. 

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