DE Lawmakers speak on priorities ahead of upcoming legislative session



DELAWARE – “Because we are voted and elected by the people to bring their voice to Dover,” Representative Shupe said.

It’s that attitude Delaware lawmakers are taking to Dover, as the General Assembly’s 152nd legislative session is set to begin at top of the new year.

From strengthening voting rights to the $80 million investment in clean water infrastructure, lawmakers we spoke with say those successes will set the tone come January. “The advances that we made in the 151st session made a big difference and felt like we were being really responsive to what the people of Delaware were telling us were most important to them,” Senator Gay said.

Republican Representative Bryan Shupe says he plans to address some losses from years past, including many pieces of legislation simply not being heard.

He adds he’s currently working on a measure that could change how bills move forward. “That’s part of the democratic process is to hear a vision, hear ideas, and to better them through discussion along the way. Even if bills aren’t passed, the discussion is so valuable,” Representative Shupe.

Expanding childcare access will also be a priority for Democratic Senator Kyle Evans Gay. “Childcare is a statewide issue. Childcare is an infrastructure issue. The more that we are able to elevate and highlight the concerns and the crisis that are happening in this industry, the more that we realize how foundational this industry and this type of care is to the greater economy,” Senator Gay said.

Lawmakers also expect the legalization of marijuana to make a return this session, as nearby states like Maryland did so last session. We’re told there will be some bumps in the road before it reaches the finish line. “Number one obviously is the Governor himself. He stated numerous times that he would veto a bill from the legislature,” Representative Shupe.

“I hope it does come back as a policy that is well formed and that takes into account many aspects of legalization,” Senator Gay.

The 152nd legislative session is set to begin January 10th, 2023.

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