Water quality concerns still lingering for residents of Pocomoke City, waiting for solutions

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- Water quality concerns are nothing new in Pocomoke City.

Now, residents are speaking out and hoping for change as we’re told some are still being impacted.

One year ago, there was a potential solution on the horizon as the city received $1.4 million in grant funding to improve water quality, thanks to a partnership between the Maryland Department of Environment and Housing and Maryland Department of Community Development.

Funding was received under the Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation (WIIN) Act for disadvantaged communities.

Fast forward to today, those concerns of discoloration and smell still linger.

Residents we spoke with say they just want a glass of clean, safe drinking water. “We’ve never drank that water. Since I’ve moved here, we’ve never drank the water. I spend a lot of money on water, and I just wish I didn’t have to spend all that money,” Resident Mejynne Nicolas said.

“If it has been a problem for a long time and everybody has issues with it, I’m not the only one. So, you hear all of us and this is a time for change.”

47ABC did reach out to both the Mayor and City Manager for an update on the where the project stands and have not heard back yet.

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