Sussex Montessori school receives USDA rural development grant

Sussexmontessori1118SEAFORD, Del. – Members of the board of the Sussex Montessori School in Seaford welcomed leaders from the USDA Rural Development office and US Senator Tom Carper to announce the awarding of a 400,000-dollar grant to the school.

The funding comes with matches from donors, Sussex County, and local state funding.

“We are privileged and honored to have received this funding and support,” said Head of Schools Lisa Coldiron.

Coldiron tells 47ABC the funds will help them to further furnish their recently renovated library and yoga studio building, which was one a barn on the school campus.

Funds will also go towards materials to renovate more buildings, furnish and outfit classrooms with technology and build gazebos and patios for outdoor learning environments and gardens.

Senator Carper tells 47ABC he has been advocating for the school since it was first proposed on the site in 2014, and was thrilled to see the students at the school during a tour following the grant award.

“County government, state and federal government has stepped in big time with a million dollars plus and more to get this school started and be ready for the next round and next step of life and work for these kids,” Carper said.

Coldiron tells us, expansion and new programming are on the agenda both short and long-term.

She tells us having grants like the ones they were awarded allows them to build plans for the future, and serve more students.

“We have students from across Sussex county from all over we currently have over 400 students and next year will be adding 6th grade and we will have around 470,” she said., adding “We have a lot of children we need to support so this is just the beginning of wonderful growing opportunity.”


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