Student researchers collecting data on public restroom benefits in downtown Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md.- Student researchers in one Salisbury University program are collecting data on the benefits of a potential public restroom facility downtown.

Students we spoke with in the Presidental Citizen Scholars program say the idea is to better serve all that visit downtown, whether it’s for events like 3rd Friday or ones drawing in big crowds like National Folk Festival.

The research group has support from the mayor’s office and other city leaders, but now need the community’s input.

Students are focused on things like finding ways to make the downtown area more inclusive and also weighing out costs. “Personally, I was drawn to this project as I’m an individual with multiple disabilities and I visited downtown and noticed that was something was lacking,” Junior Elizabeth Wash said.

“We also need to look at water lines and that kind of thing. If we have to run waterlines somewhere, that increases the cost dramatically,” Junior Hayden Davis said.

Students will continue their research into the 2023 Spring semester.

The data collected would then be analyzed and taken back to city leaders and the downtown business community.

To access that survey, click here 

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