Small Business Saturday sees unique vendors on the Plaza in downtown Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md- 3d printed collectibles, vegan snacks, paintings, and even reindeer decorations made from discarded palm trees; these were some of the unique items on display at the Downtown Salisbury Plaza as part of Small Business Saturday.

Vendors say events like these give them the exposure they need to grow and show off what they offer that one else can.

“One of the problems as a small business is having to compete against non-mom-and-pop shops we make things that are unique,” said Shae Just Prints Owner Justin Morris.

Morris tells 47ABC he valued being able to register for a slot on the day and be one of many unique vendors showing off their skills.

“As you look up and down the street, you see businesses that are people doing their passion and it’s exciting to share that,” he said.

Passions like seeing all the nation’s national parks and painting them on site. That’s the mission of The Colorful Kayak, as owner Kayla Allen sold prints of those paintings while hoping to make enough to fund her next trip.

“As an artist, it is really important to connect with the community and it’s my number one way to meet people face to face,” Allen said adding “small business Saturday means so much to little businesses like and the support from the community also means the world when people come out and support we can shop local all the time but we really appreciate the support.”

Vendors say they despite slow sales, the day was still worth it thanks to the connections they get to make.

“That’s my favorite part I love meeting other vendors and getting to walk around and chat with other people that’s one of the best things I’ve made my best friends doing events like this,” Allen said.







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