Recreational use marijuana ballot measure passes in Maryland, businesses community says details must be worked out next session

MARYLAND- Recreational use of Marijuana was approved with an overwhelming margin in Maryland, with not a single county voting against it across the state.

That means as of July of 2023 you are allowed possession of up to 1.5 ounces for adults 21 and older.

It will also remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 2.5 ounces.

Marijuana advocates like Wendy Bronfein of Medical Marijuana network Curio Wellness say the change will decrease racial disparities and allow for better and safer access to substances that is “already in wide use across the state both in the black market and through legal means in the medical card system.”

But others including Salisbury Chamber of Commerce President Bill Chambers say the measure still leaves details to be ironed out, with none of the concerns raised during the previous session making its way into the language of the ballot measure.

“Now the details have to be worked out and that is very concerning as it should have been addressed before the referendum,” Chambers said adding “Will it be as messy and litigious as medical cannabis licenses were all these things we asked questions on during last years session but we get it, this was a money grab, it generates billions a year nationally and Maryland wanted in.”

Bronfein tells 47ABC, she believes the infrastructure in the state for medical marijuana can be scaled and tapped into for recreational, but her most pressing question now is what the different products customers will be able to get in the state with a medical card versus recreational use.


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