New duo to represent Maryland’s 37B House District

MARYLAND – A familiar face will be returning to represent Maryland’s District 37B in the House of Delegates. And, a political newcomer will be joining him. Unofficial results indicate re-election for Delegate Chris Adams, and a win for Tom Hutchinson as of Wednesday afternoon. Del. Adams pulled in just over 39% of the vote, and Hutchinson was close behind with almost 38% of voters choosing him. Democratic challenger Susan Delean-Botkin holds about 22% of the vote.

Another Term

Del. Adams tells 47 ABC he feels humbled to know that voters wanted him to stick around to continue representing them.

“I’m very excited. Any of these elections are very difficult, challenging. So, to be rewarded with the vote of confidence from the citizens of my district is humbling, as you can imagine, and exciting, as well,” said Del. Adams. “I’ve been in office for eight years, and this will be my third term. I look forward to continuing in Annapolis.”

Constituent service is something that Del. Adams says he’s been successful at over the last eight years in office. And, he plans to continue providing it.

“It’s always about constituent service. So, after these eight years I certainly, with the help of my legislative assistant, Betsy Hamilton, have developed a reputation for great constituent service, helping people out, connecting them with government,” said Del. Adams.

New Delegate In Town

Del. Adams ran his race alongside Tom Hutchinson, a Dorchester County business owner. Hutchinson says he’s also excited to get to work, and the lessons that will come with it in Annapolis.

“I am truly humbled, and honored to be elected last evening. I really look forward to representing the people of District 37B, along with Delegate Adams,” said Hutchinson. “During the primary, we ran together and we continued to stay together during the general. We have similar conservative values. I think both Chris and I will work very well with Senator-Elect Johnny Mautz, as well.”

Hutchinson says his experience as a business owner will help propel problem solving forward once he takes office.

“I think being a business owner will allow me to provide some common sense in Annapolis. I understand how some things can work outside of the regular legislative approach,” said Hutchinson.  “My first priority is providing constituent services. I think that’s the number one job of a delegate. I want to be able to provide the best services to all the residents and businesses within my district.”

Adjusting To Change

And while Hutchinson is preparing for his first few days in Annapolis, Del. Adams is preparing for a slate of new colleagues and a change in leadership in Maryland’s highest offices.

“We’re going to have a new governor [Wes Moore], and our role on the Eastern Shore as representatives is standing firm on values of limited government, and making sure that Annapolis hears us when we do need government to step forward and those things won’t change,” said Del. Adams. “[Hutchinson and I] are very much alike in both our demeanor and how we approach things, and I look forward to helping him get on the ground running. He’ll be effective day one because as a business owner, you already have a lot of the skills that it takes to develop relationships, and negotiate and work with people.”

Del. Adams says he’s preparing for the next term in office by continuing to listen to constituents. He says those conversations are extremely important, especially when working across the aisle in the face of change.

“I don’t see party affiliation through that, and it is the most important part of my job; connecting people with government,” said Del. Adams. “I look forward to serving in that capacity politically. I’m a conservative vote, because that’s my district. But, I’m a great listener and always willing to learn and understand.”

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