Delaware GOP raises concerns over reports of voting issues on Election Day

NEW CASTLE COUNTY, Del. – The Delaware Republican Party is demanding action from state elections officials after at least 10 polling locations in New Castle County reportedly ran out of ballots on Election Day.

Delaware GOP Chairwoman Jane Brady says the Republican State Committee received numerous phone calls and messages from voters across the state about issues they encountered when trying to vote on Election Day, specifically in New Castle County where there were reports that multiple polling sites had run out of ballots.

“The incompetence on the part of the Delaware Department of Elections caused people to become disenfranchised and that’s just inexcusable,” Brady told our Rob Petree. “At ten different locations they literally ran out of ballots.”

The issue reportedly resulted in long lines at the affected locations with some voters leaving frustrated and unable to vote.

“People were waiting in line, and at one location, McKean High School, the voter reported to us that they were told they could not vote there, there had no ballots, they could not vote there” Brady stressed. “They said ‘where can we go to vote?’ and they said you can’t vote anywhere else either, go home.”

The Republican State Committee started receiving phone calls and noting social media posts shortly after 5 pm on Election Day, just as voters were leaving work and going to the polls.

“My husband and I were standing outside in a long line waiting to vote. A voting volunteer came outside and told us they had run out of ballots. She did not turn us away but told us they had a call-in and could not tell us if it would 15 min, one hour, or several hours before receiving ballots. We left and I called the department of elections (New Castle) no one answered”, a voter from Hockessin explained to party leaders.

Brady cited numerous other problems at the polls, including a poll location that opened late, issues with the alignment of the machines and ballots, and difficulties voters had getting their selections to appear on the screen.

“When I made my selection, the name would not light up on the voting machine. After several tries, they started lighting up then all disappeared. I called one of the poll workers over and he said they were having trouble with the machine and for me to just hit the buttons harder. After many tries, I think, I hope, it registered correctly. Very frustrating.” reported a voter from Newark, Delaware.

Brady has called for the resignation of the Director and Deputy Director of the New Castle County Department of Elections for what she says is ineffective and incompetent management of election day issues.

“I’ve called for the resignation of the Director and Deputy Director of the New Castle County Office because all of these problems were in New Castle County, but at ten different locations, as soon as they had one problem you think they would’ve called everyone to make sure they didn’t run out of ballots anywhere else,” Brady stated. “This is unprecedented and unacceptable.”

Not all Republicans agree though. House Minority Whip and State Rep. Lyndon Yearick says the state’s election system is safe and secure and that he wants to see Republicans move forward.

“Here in Delaware, I believe our elections are safe and secure,” Rep. Yearick told our Rob Petree. “I talked to multiple poll workers and individuals at polling locations, and outside of one or two situations where someone would come into a polling location without an ID, or maybe they forgot their wallet or they went back home to get it, I’m less concerned about putting more time and attention towards that issue versus trying to expand the number of voters who want to vote Republican.”

Brady has addressed her concerns with the Delaware Department of Elections in the form of a letter that was sent earlier this month. She has yet to hear back from the State Election Commissioner Anthony Albence.

These allegations have not been confirmed, which is why 47 ABC News has reached out to both the State Department of Elections and their New Castle County Office who both have yet to respond to our repeated requests for comment.

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