Delaware food pantries grapple with rising food costs amid holiday giving season

DELAWARE – “We really need the help because we want to help as many people as we can,” Snarsky said.

It’s the season of giving!

Yet rising food costs are making that task difficult for organizations like the Food Bank of Delaware.

Operations Director John Snarsky says they’ve seen quite a dip in donations over the last year while the need continues to grow. “We have 10% of the people in Kent and Sussex County who are food insecure. That’s a lot of people,” Snarksy said.

Donations aren’t a concern for the Milton Community Food Pantry, allowing them to feed nearly 60 to 70 families they now see on average.

It’s after the holidays that Board President Donna Murawski says becomes challenging, as those gifts run dry. “I think people don’t realize how much food we go through in a week when we give it out. We’ll get donations of vegetables, but we go through at least 228 cans of veggies in each distribution,” Murawski said.

“It would be great if people thought about us all throughout the year.”

On top of that drought, Murawksi says they’ll be hit with a 28% budget increase to keep those families fed. “We spend about $3,000-$5,000 a month on purchasing food,” Murawski said.

“We have to apply for grants to help us out with purchasing food.”

Despite some obstacles, both non-profits are making sure no Delawarean is left hungry. They’re even providing a delivery option to meet people where they are. “That helps reach other people because of the fuel costs because some people can’t get here. So, we’re trying to help and many as we can,” Snarsky said.

“If we can help people out a little bit so that they don’t have to worry much about buying medication or paying rent and utilities by giving them a little extra food and a little help that way then we’re more than happy to do that,” Murawski said.

The Milton Community Food Pantry served 102 families at their food drive Monday, up from 76 families they served this same week last year for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Food Bank of Delaware use both Amazon and DoorDash for their delivery options.

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