Day before Thanksgiving sees sales rush for Salisbury bakeries, restaurants

SALISBURY, Md- 36 straight hours of work and 854 pies later, The Ugly Pie in Salisbury sold out of their pre-ordered Thanksgiving specials ahead of the holiday.

Co-Owner Shaina Bounds tells 47ABC the pie shop had been taking pre-orders two months in advance to help organize the chaos of deliveries, and staff members worked throughout the night to get all the pies assembled, into the oven and ready for pickup.

“I would say this is the most important holiday that the ugly pie has this is number one,” she said adding “we are running on very little sleep but we are grateful and happy.”

She tells us the a typical day has them making around 30 to 60 full-sized pies, and ramping up for the holidays was a team effort.

“It’s is hectic and we are running around but the second people start lining up we get pumped and jazzed and the adrenaline starts kicking in,” Bounds said.

The Ugly Pie isn’t alone, as Sugar Rush in downtown was having a busy sales day with over 100 people coming to buy their Thanksgiving-themed deserts.
Restaurants like Mad Hatter and Evo Brewery, are sold out of pre-orders for their thanksgiving meals and spent the day prepping to make the meals fresh Thursday morning.

Bounds tell us the effort is worth it to know they’re making thanksgiving just right for hundreds of families.

“It is really cool seeing families that come to us year after year and say I got my pie in early and seeing those folks and seeing how happy they are it is like they are a part of their family and we are a part of theirs,” Bounds said.


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