After The Whistle: Bennett’s Cooper Johnston

SALISBURY, Md- Meet Bennett’s Cooper Johnston, Bennett’s starting midfielder and captain from their 2021 state championship team. As a former all-state and all-bayside performer, you would expect him to go Division 1 especially since he was talking to multiple division 1 programs. But things came to a screeching halt immediately after the season ended when he tore his ACL.

He was at the peak of his game running on a high he went right into his club soccer season straight after winning the state championship. But after the injury he had to make a choice, either go to college this past fall and potentially lose his soccer dreams forever or take a gap year, get healthy, train and try to be recruited for next season.

He’s worked hard for months to rehab his knee back to normal,  but that doesn’t change the timing of his injury almost ruining his chances to go to the next level.

Now that he’s recovered, Cooper plans on using this offseason to prove to himself nd college recruiters that he still has what it takes to play soccer at the next level.

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