AAA urges having vehicles road ready ahead of holiday weekend

DELMARVA – Nearly 1 million Marylanders are expected to hit the road this holiday weekend. That’s why AAA Mid-Atlantic wants to remind motorists to make sure your vehicle is road ready.

AAA anticipates around 9,000 drivers will be stranded in the state.

To avoid being one of them, the service tells 47ABC you should thoroughly check things like your oil levels, brake pads, and belts.

We’re told most calls come in for battery failures and tire troubles. “Lots of times now with the temperatures dropping you may go out and you’ll see that your tire light is on. It’s actually due to your tire pressure dropping due to the cold, so you definitely want to make sure that your tires are in good shape,” AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Ragina Ali said.

“Usually a battery has a 3–5-year life. So, make sure that your battery is in good shape. Make sure that all your fluids are stopped off including your antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and things of that nature because they’re very important. Particularly I believe they’re calling for rain towards the end of the week.”

Triple A also wants to remind drivers of the Move Over law in Maryland which require motorists to make a lane change or slow down when approaching and stopped or parked vehicle displaying any warning signals.

Drivers are also encouraged to stock an emergency kit in their vehicle with things like blankets, a shovel, chargers, and even snacks.

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