Weather Tidbits: Halloween Climatology

This Weather Tidbits deals with the climatology for Halloween. The average high is 64° with an average low of 43°. The record high for Halloween was a toasty 83° set back in 1946; while temperatures plummeted to 24° just 14 years ago for the record low. The wettest Halloween was in 1956 at 2.93 inches, with no record of snow occurring on the holiday. The record cold high of 43° was set in 1925 and the record warm low of 66° happening in 1971. Halloween is tied with Veterans Day for being the driest holiday of the year with a probability of rain at 29%. High temperatures are typically above 50° 97% of the time with the last high under 50° set in 2002; while lows are normally between the freezing mark & 50° 59% of the time.

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