Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester discusses re-election bid in Delaware

DOVER, Del. – Election Day is less than two weeks ago and we got the chance to speak to Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester regarding her re-election bid.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester tells 47 ABC News that she wants First State voters to know that she’s ready to continue to serve them in Washington, and that means continuing to work across the aisle to get things done.

“On all issues, I’ve been very strong about bringing people together,” Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester said. “Even this workforce bill, this nursing workforce bill, is a bi-partisan bill, it’s in the House and the Senate, with leadership from both Democrats and Republicans, and that in order for us to solve the big issues, like inflation, we have to deal with things like our supply chain which I lead on.”

First elected back in 2017, Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester currently serves as an Assistant Whip for House Leadership, and sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Prior to being elected to Congress, she served as the state’s Secretary of Labor and Personnel Director.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester tells us that if she’s re-elected she will continue to focus on bipartisan solutions.

“We have to deal with the issues that affect peoples everyday lives,” the Congresswoman said. “I want people to know that we will continue to bring people together to solve these big issues like climate and making sure my seniors scams bill that was passed into law was a bi-partisan bill.”

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester is running against Republican Lee Murphy. The two will face off in the general election scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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