Annual fall home expo showcases many products/services for homeowners, exposure for local businesses


LEWES, Del.- “It becomes a yearly thing that people look forward to,” Delaware Beach Book Owner Becky Carney said.

From home renovations to finding your next humble adobe in Delaware resort communities, the 5th annual Fall Home Expos had you covered. “We have everything from heating and air, old wood furniture, electricians, painters,” Benson said.

“And its a big draw. Its fun. It’s a really fun expo,” Carney said.

If you can name it, one of the 80 vendors at the event had it.

Delaware Resorts Expos Director Kathy Benson says the goal is to connect the community to local businesses. “I always tell my new exhibitors that consumers do business with people they like. Here you to get to meet them on your terms and you’re not inviting them to your home, you’re coming to them. Many of our exhibitors give specials,” Benson said.

Among those resources was Energize Delaware, a Non-profit with a focus on energy efficiency and delivering renewable energy services.

Those we spoke with had some tips for homeowners as cooler weather is approaching. “Weatherize, weatherize, weatherize your home,” Outreach Manager Angie Bivens said.

“Homes that have drafts, gaps, or leaks are going to have much higher energy bills. Heating your home is one of the most most expensive things you’ll do.”

As growth in Sussex county continues, the Delaware Retiree Connection looks to link those new to the area with beneficial services to make their transition smoother. “There are volunteer opportunities, employment opportunities, information regarding all types of things going in Sussex County. Also, we’re going to connect you better as to why you love living here,” Marketing Director Nanine Gallo.

Delaware Resort Expo also gives a yearly donation to Sussex County Habitat for Humanity from the expo. We’re told it’s now in excess of $20,000.

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