“Their character is built:” SWAC program provides students with free instruments in Wicomico County



SALISBURY, Md.- The Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council is allowing students the opportunity to receive a free musical instrument with the return of the Instrument Barn Program.

We’re told the goal is to foster a love for music and the arts for disadvantaged students in the county.

The council receives gently used instruments from community donations, they have them refurbished, and then loan them out to students.

Executive Director Therese Hamilton says statistics show getting students to play an instrument actually enriches their full academic experience. “Particularly if they’re involved in playing a band instrument their test scores are higher, math and sciences grades are higher, their character is built,” Hamilton said.

“We always hope that people will see it that way because it’s way more than ‘I think I’ll just play clarinet for a season.’ It’s going to actually impact in a positive way that student’s entire life.”

Students can keep their instruments as long as they stay in band, maintain a C-grade average, and participate in community service.

Parents and students interested are asked to contact their school’s band director who will then reach out to the council.

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