Monkeypox vaccine eligibility expands in Delaware

Vaccine Monkeypox

DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Division of Public Health has announced that the eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine has expanded once again in Delaware.

We’re told vaccine eligibility is being expanded to include all gay, bisexual and transgender or nonbinary persons having sex with men, or females having sex with gay, bisexual, non-binary, or transgender males. Additionally, Delaware is expanding vaccine eligibility to healthcare workers who are providing direct patient care to confirmed/suspected MPX cases in areas such as Emergency Departments, urgent cares, Federally Qualified Health Centers, DPH clinics, STI/HIV or sexual health clinics, and those at occupational risk such as laboratory staff that handle MPX specimens.

Recent data has shown that the risk of MPX to exposed healthcare workers to be low, even when use of personal protective equipment is incomplete. However, to ensure the greatest level of protection against MPX, the CDC is recommending that healthcare staff wear PPE consisting of a gown, gloves, eye protection, and an N95 or higher-level respirator while caring for patients with suspected or confirmed MPX.

The current case count for monkeypox in Delaware is 35, with 23 cases in New Castle County, nine in Sussex County, and three in Kent County.

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