Maryland Food Bank seeking community help to serve those in need for Hunger Action Month

MARYLAND – As of this summer, 32% of Marylanders say they’re finding it difficult to cover basic households expenses like food.

That’s according to the Maryland Food Bank, who’s seeking help from the community to support those in need as September marks Hunger Action Month.

The non-profit tells us the goal of the campaign is to bring awareness to the reality of food insecurity.

The food bank says assistance levels are now at an all-time high due to record high inflation and the rising costs of groceries. “We actually had a neighbor at one of our distributions that said now she’s really having to make decisions on whether to buy a gallon of gas or milk to service her family,” Maryland Food Bank’s Jennifer Small said.

“Even though September is Hunger Action Month, it’s just so pivotal for the Maryland Food Bank to be able to engage the community in supporting the households so that they don’t have to make those decisions.”

Now the food bank is asking for your help at home. We’re told you can do things like volunteering at the food bank to hosting a virtual food drive on their website.

To find out more ways you can get involved, click here

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