Football season could be a plus for the restaurant industry

DELMARVA–With that Fall weather creeping back in, it’s also a sign of football returning, which is a plus for the restaurant industry as they see customers come in to chow down and watch the show.

It’s a financial boost as some restaurants are still feeling the strain from the pandemic.One Salisbury brewery said while they are grateful to not have been hit too hard they’re eager to have crowds again.

“We’ve actually been very fortunate, we’ve had a good Summer, it always could be better,” Virgil Shockley, a partner for Burnish Beer Company, said. “We like everybody else we fight the increases in the food prices and have had to pass a few of them along a little bit raised here and there, but we are looking forward to Fall,” said.

Burnish Beer Company said at the beginning of the pandemic their biggest challenge was trying to keep staff so they could continue providing their services, since then that is no longer an issue.

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