BREAKING: AP calls Delaware Democratic State Auditor Primary race for Lydia York

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DELAWARE – The Associated Press has declared Lydia York the Democratic nominee in the Delaware State Auditor’s race. As of 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, York held  just over 69% of the vote, with Kathy McGuiness holding 30% of the vote.

In an interview Wednesday, York told 47 ABC she plans to bring a new direction to the State Auditor’s Office.

“I think that when you look at my overall credentials and training and experience, and look at the office itself, it’s my studied view that this office hasn’t preformed to its potential in quite some time, and frankly, not starting with the current administration,” said York. “I think that while this is a political office, what it really needs is management and attention. I think I’m the person that brings that skillset to that situation right now.”

York says she wants to stabilize the workforce within the office, and make sure employees have the resources they need to get their jobs done. Specifically, York has her eye on increasing training, if needed.

“This office depends on people. For whatever else is going on, people do this work, and right now in the environment that we’re in, people are the hardest things to get and keep,” said York.

Also in her sights, York says she will work to fulfill the state’s statutory requirements with regard to school districts and higher education. She adds that she will look to reduce the reliance on outside contractors.

“I think there are good folks in Delaware who are willing to do this work for the state, and I think if it’s a matter of additional training, we’ll see if we can get that. We’ll bring this office to its intended function in state government,” said York.

Over the next 55 days, York says she will put a larger emphasis on connecting with voters in Kent and Sussex Counties.

“This is all one state. I might not be as well known in Kent and Sussex Counties. But, I want to be better known, and I’ll be out there meeting and greeting with the folks in those communities, as I have here in New Castle County,” said York.

These results are unofficial. 

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