Blood Bank calls for blood donations following Hurricane Ian

Blood Bank Of Delmarva

DELMARVA – The Blood Bank of Delmarva is urgently calling for blood donations following Hurricane Ian.

We’re told donations are needed locally and in anticipation of humanitarian efforts that will be necessary to support our southern neighbors. These donations are essential in maintaining a stable supply of blood and platelets in impacted regions, which can help save lives and ensure that patient needs continue to be met throughout this difficult time.

“Delmarva residents always step up for each other and now we must help Florida and the Southeast, a region that desperately needs our support,” said Patricia Killeen, Senior Vice President at Blood Bank of Delmarva. “Now is a critical time to help those in need by making a blood donation. It’s easy and only takes one hour. This is a dire situation and every donation counts.”

The demand couldn’t be greater as blood donations across the country remain in short supply.

“If you look at our parent company so to speak, New York Blood Center, they have been able to send 100 products so far, but just to put things into perspective, they had asked our company for 600 units of blood,” explained Tony Prado, Communications Specialist with the Blood Bank of Delmarva. “So, that was just a fraction of what they needed.”

That’s why officials with the Blood Bank of Delmarva are urging everyone and anyone to donate if they can.

“We had been spoiled by this beautiful September-Autumn weather and it’s kind of easy to not think about what folks are going through right now in Florida, and now in South Carolina,” Prado explained. “This is a stark reminder that hey we might have it good but let’s do something to help those people who are going through a tough time right now.”

To make an appointment at a nearby blood drive, you can call 1-888-8-BLOOD-8 or go online.

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