Veteran, parental rights advocate Kim Petters running for Senate District 16

DOVER, Del. – Veteran and parental rights advocate Kim Petters is running for Delaware’s 16th Senatorial District.

Petters, an Iraqi war veteran, served in the U.S. Air Force on Active Duty for ten years. With degrees in Early Childhood Education and Public Health, she has been vocal on education issues and the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

“Moms, particularly, and grandmothers, they are ready for someone new,” Petters told our Rob Petree in an interview Wednesday. “They are ready for a mother to get in there that will fight for all of our children like they’re her own, and it’s time that we have someone in there that will.”

After speaking out on a host of controversial issues including school mask mandates and gun reform, Petters’ popularity skyrocketed over the past few years among conservatives leading up to her run for State Senate.

“We need change, especially after the last few years, we all know the consequences of being stuck in our nation’s top ten strictest mandates, and there was no voice coming from Senate District 16 standing up for businesses, children, schools, families, nothing,” Petters stated. “It’s time we get someone in there that will fight for us.”

Petters faces two other candidates in the Republican primary, Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson and incumbent State Senator Colin Bonini. 47 ABC News has reached out to both candidates and will highlight their campaigns ahead of the primary election.

The 16th Senatorial District encompasses Southern Dover and its suburbs in Kent County, including Magnolia, Woodside, Frederica, Little Creek, and Bowers.

Delaware’s primary election will take place Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

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