Shoppers, businesses taking advantage of Maryland tax-free week

MARYLAND- Attention shoppers,  it’s time to get your wallets out as Maryland Tax-Free Week has rolled around once again.

“It’s tax free on clothing up to $100 and backpacks the first $40 dollars,” Melissa Stover, Manager of Victorian Charm, said.

“It gives Marylanders and Delawareans, who come across the border, good chance to save money on back to school but it’s not just back to school; everybody can save,” Joe Wright, President of Vernon Powell Shoes, said.

This annual end-of-summer tradition runs from August 14 through August 20. It’s a time that many locally-owned businesses are eager to see.

“We always see this is our busiest back-to-school week, it’s always people want to save a few dollars,” Wright said.

“So, everybody’s kind of out, we have been really busy the last couple of weekends,” Stover said.

It’s also a chance for them to show off and sell hot ticket items. “This is for my NASA people, my space rocket; so this is awesome because it’s a lunch tote and it’s insulated so you can throw stuff in here that you want to keep,” Martha Ogburn, owner of Barefoot Baby Boutique, said.

We’re told some retailers are even offering an extra bonus for those customers walking through the door.

“We pair it with a sale so we are doing 20% off a second item and so it’s a great opportunity for everybody to save money,” Wright said.

And, with all the challenges of gas prices, inflation, and higher prices, businesses we spoke with said this week comes at the perfect time.

“Right now, when we are having to struggle and wonder am I going to get a lunch tote or am I going to get gas,” Ogburn said.

“For sure, anytime you get any kind of discount it works in anybody’s favor,” Stover said.

To learn more about tax-free week in Maryland, click here.

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