‘School’s Open Drive Carefully’ campaign provides motorists safety tips amid upcoming school year

MARYLAND – As many students prepare to head back to the classroom this week across Maryland,  AAA Mid-Atlantic’s School’s Open Drive Carefully campaign looks to keep safety as drivers top priority.

The return to school means there will be more pedestrian traffic as children walk or bike to school, so drivers should proceed with caution in residential neighborhoods and school zones.

Some tips include eliminating distractions and simply slowing down.

AAA Mid-Atlantic tells 47ABC, their biggest concern is motorists not coming to a complete stop for school buses.

We’re told doing so can have some major consequences. “When they have the extended arm and they have that stop sign that means stop. That means until those lights go off and that arm is pulled back up motorist need to stop,” AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Ragina Ali said.

“There is a fine for violating that in Maryland of $570 as well as three points on your drivers license.”

AAA also says that the afternoon hours between 3p.m.-4p.m. are particularly the most dangerous.

We’re also told that parents should talk to their teens who plan to drive this school year on how to remain safe.


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