Road flooding continues for S. Bowers residents as DelDOT work has not started yet

SOUTH BOWERS, Del. – While DelDOT continues to get ready to start construction on a road reconstruction project, residents on South Bowers Road say they’re still dealing with potentially dangerous flooding.

“It impacts us tremendously. Sometimes it’s four or five days before the mail truck can get through,” said Dianna Smith, a resident on South Bowers Road. “It’s salt water. So, it destroys your vehicle. If an ambulance has to get down, again, salt water. It could be an issue.”

Smith says it’s not just an issue for residents. She tells 47 ABC that visitors staying in nearby Airbnbs often get stuck in the ditches on the side of the road because they can’t see what’s under the flooding.

“People come flying through that salt water, and they don’t know what’s happening. You don’t know exactly where the sides are when the water is so high, and then they go off into the ditch,” said Smith. “We try to tell people that we see that have done that to take it easy. It’s salt water. You’ve got to go a little slower.”

Now, Smith and other residents are hoping the road reconstruction gets underway sooner than later, to make sure everyone has a safe roadway to travel.

DelDOT says they’re still finalizing the project design. Then they will start advertising the project for construction. Once a contractor wins the bid, DelDOT says they will have more certainty on when the project might be complete. They’re aiming to be finished before the end of the year.

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