Recent study finds that nationwide sports-related injuries have declined 10% since 2017

DELMARVA–More than 2 million children, teens, and young adults are injured playing sports each. That’s according to a business known as QuoteWizard. On the other side of things, they said sports are getting safer.

“We found a 10% drop in the number of serious sports-related injures since 2017,” Nick VinZant, Senior Research Analyst for QuoteWizard, said.

VinZant tells us they looked at injuries across all sports, teams and individuals, from ages 5 to 24. The entire study took around a month to do and they looked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data into injuries going all the way back to 2010.

“What we found is that football is the most dangerous sport for people under the age of 14, when we go 15 to 24 though it’s basketball,” VinZant said.

VinZant credits the decline to a change in culture around sports.

“It used to be kind of rub some dirt in it, get back out there in the field and that doesn’t fly anymore,” VinZant said. “I think that parents, coaches, athletes themselves have all really adopted as safety mindset.”

A decrease that athletic trainer, Kelly Rose, at James M. Bennett High School said they’re seeing too, especially in concussions.

“This is my 10th year at Bennett and we’ve definitely seen a huge decrease and again I give that all to my coaches, proper planning, proper technique, and educating themselves,” Rose said.

Going forward, Rose said it’s a trend she believes can continue, and getting kids into youth programs can also help with this.

“You know around here we have again a lot of programs and they will focus on your age group and your sport,” Rose said. “Coming in prepared helps decrease those injuries, if your body is prepared, it will react way better.”

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