‘No question is off the table’ Delaware AG partners with ACLU to launch Abortion Care Hotline

DELAWARE,- Understanding how to get an abortion, and the legal and healthcare challenges to navigate is now just a phone call away in Delaware.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings Wednesday announced a partnership between the DOJ, Delaware ACLU, and partner law firms to help coordinate services and let those in and out of the state seeking abortions in Delaware have a full picture of how to get the medical procedure.

“In response to this historic repeal from the supreme court we are reinforcing with our partners this protection in the first state,” Jennings said.

She says the information in the call will be private, with callers being asked to leave a message with their question, a callback number, and any instructions on when or how they prefer to be contacted. An online question portal will also be made available.

“No question is off the table we are here to help navigate these confusing waters for people especially coming from an anti-abortion state but also for those here in Delaware,” Jennings said.

The AG’s Abortion Legal Helpline can be reached at 302-992-8096 or toll-free at (877) 312-2366.




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