Legislation signed to expunge criminal record

DELAWARE – House Bill 447 is set out to get low level offenses expunged off of Delawarean’s records.

Senator Darius Brown says this is important at a time like this when currently 290,000 Delawareans are eligible for expungement. He says this is the second chance that people need to turn their life around in an easy way. But the senator says this legislation opens the door for so much more.

“The long-term benefit is employment, the long-term benefit is stable affordable housing, the long-term benefit is education, the long-term benefit is removing these barriers that have kept people for far too long in poverty,” he says.

This bill was signed into law by Delaware governor John Carney Tuesday morning. It is the senator’s hope that this creates a pipeline of new jobs to help individuals and their families.

House Bill 375 was also signed into law today.

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