“I’m just looking forward to getting started:” New Salisbury University President eager to begin school year

SALISBURY, Md.-Salisbury University’s newest President, Dr. Lyn Lepre, is eager for the new school year to begin.

Dr. Lepre said with the the start of the school year coming quickly, she’s looking forward to students being back on campus. “That’s what really drives me is being around the students, working so hard on their behalf to make sure that they can succeed in whatever their dreams are,” Dr. Lepre said. “So, I’m just looking forward to getting started with my incredible team to see what we can put in place.”

She said she will be that listening ear if they need it and work hard on their behalf to make sure they can succeed. Also, she points out she’ll help move school initiatives forward, as well as advance some news ones. “I’d love to continue to see us strive for strong equity and inclusion in our community, so that every student has the ability to succeed,” Dr. Lepre said. “I’d love to see our brand reputation grow. I think Salisbury’s doing incredible work and I’m looking forward to working on some strategies to do that as well.”

Dr. Lepre says she also wanted to continue highlighting strong academics, as well as making connection within the community.

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