HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners amid summer heat wave


BERLIN, Md. – As we enter another heat wave on Delmarva, businesses like One Hour Heating & Air/Ben Franklin’s Plumbing are working overtime to keep homes cool.

Operations Manager Kyle Wilson says the key to that is proper maintenance. “Life expectancy for a unit is between 10 and 15 years. If you keep up on your maintenance, you’re going to be in that range,” Wilson said.

The company’s typical maintenance service includes things like taking apart a customers HVAC unit to test fan motors to electric voltages.

These are measures Wilson tells us should be done pre-season to avoid breakdowns. “Main breakdowns in a heat wave come to the capacitors. Your capacitor has a load on it at all times when it’s running. So if that capacitor is weak and we can catch that preventively then that would be your best step,” Wilson said.

“You don’t want to have a breakdown in the middle of the summer and it’s not something you budget for is a breakdown. It’s easier to budget for getting maintenance performed at a lower cost.”

We’re told one of the key preventative measures you at home can take to make sure your HVAC units continue blowing cool in the summer heat is changing the air filters. “A lot of these filters nowadays say they’re 90 day filters. However, some of these filters are getting thicker so they’re actually getting dirty faster. We always like to as a reference say change them every month to be safe,” One Hour Heat & Air Technician Josh Perrine said.

According to technicians, something as simple as washing your unit will also go a long way. “A lot of times if we’re in the resort areas like Ocean City or that nature, salt air will attack these units. Annually washing them prevents them from deteriorating faster,” Perrine said.

Scheduling, labor shortages, and availability of units can set service calls for replacements back up to 2 weeks. Despite this, Wilson says their goal remains the same; keeping customers cool. “We’ll provide them with a window unit or a portable air conditioner to get them buy,” Wilson said.

“At least we can keep them in the comfort of their home or a room or two to get them by until we get the install.”

Experts tell 47ABC that they are still experiencing some supply chain shortages when it comes to getting hands on parts for some pre-installed products.

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