Delaware Animal Services looking for person who left dog abandoned to die

DOVER, Del. – Police are investigating a dog that recently died in Dover.

The dog was found abandoned clinging to life. When officers answered the call the dog was barely responsive. The dog lost most of its hair and was covered in sores, officials believe she died from this condition. However, after canvassing the neighborhood Animal Services is now asking the public for help to get justice for the dog.

“There’s a lot of people that for a lot of different reasons may be compelled not to retain ownership of their animals they should reach out to us so we can at least work with them and shelters throughout the state of Delaware. Unfortunately,¬†since it has passed away it would be a felony investigation, so they would be arrested for animal cruelty,” says Chief Mark Tobin of Delaware Animal Services.

The investigation is ongoing and officials with Delaware Animal Services urge anyone with any information to call them at 302-255-4646.

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