Christian Shelter in need of donations to support the demand of people they’re seeing

SALISBURY, MD.- The Christian Shelter, in Salisbury, needs your help to continue their mission of supporting the homeless as they are seeing more people asking for help.

Right now, we’re told they are experiencing a shortage of donations. On top of that, they need to repair their fridge and the infrastructure surrounding it, which they said is going to cost them around $170,000.

“Right now, we had to throw away $2,000 worth of food because our walk in cooler has went up and again donations are going down and the projects are going up, and we’re asking the community if there’s a business, if there’s a person that can donate to the Christian Shelter it would be greatly appreciated,”Anthony Dickerson, the Executive Director of the Christian Shelter, said.

We’re told the shelter has had to come up with creative ways to continue serving their guests food.

If you’re able to donate to the shelter, they are asking you to give them a call at 410-749-5673.

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