U.S. leaders react to SCOTUS EPA ruling

DELAWARE– In response to the SCOTUS ruling prohibiting the EPA from broadly regulating greenhouse emissions from power plants, some lawmakers are speaking out.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper told 47 ABC he wishes the Supreme Court had been a little bit more supportive. He said with these high temperatures and frightening weather events taking place we’ve got to do something to reduce carbon dioxide in the air; and in order to do that the EPA needs all the support they can get. “The environmental protection agency’s right in the middle of this fight, right in the middle they need to be in a position where they can regulate to some extent the emission of carbon dioxide,” Sen. Carper said. “The Supreme Court has not made the job of the EPA any easier.”

Sen. Carper said while there should’ve been more support, the Supreme Court didn’t make the EPA’s job a lot harder, adding that they could’ve made things way worse.

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