Milton celebrates the 4th of July with a festival


MILTON, Del. – The Milton 4th of July festival was filled with games, food, family, and fun. Attendees say it’s important to come together to celebrate with where are as a country right now.

“I think it brings everybody together, at this time I think its real crucial 6.32.40 that we get together,” says Varanay.

And one organizer tells us all about how this event started about 10 years ago –

“Because Milton had nothing for the children and I’m a school teacher at Cape and being a business owner at Irish Eyes, I really felt that our children needed something that they didn’t have to travel far too,” says Charlene Jones, Member of the Milton Chamber of Commerce and Irish Eyes owner, which is an organizer of the event.

Another organizer says the Milton parade is a one stop shop for all the 4th of July fun:

“It’s just a bunch of free games, really old fashioned, washer toss, kick the can, dunk tank, our mayor will be in the dunk tank this afternoon, we have a DJ providing entertainment, cake wheel, a pie eating contest, so we’ve just got all sorts of fun,” says Anne Brown, the President of the Board of Directors for the Milton Chamber of Commerce.

Some of the attendees tell me about what they were most excited for:

“I think the kids just to see their loving it and we give away a few little prizes they’re happy, we’ve had adults play too, they’re happy too, says Varanay.

“Our country, it’s our hometown that we can celebrate and make sure the children are seeing the importance of this holiday and bringing our families back together making sure that our whole community is together,” says Jones.

They all tell me why it’s important to celebrate the Fourth of July.

“Independence, definitely independence, love for our country and God bless America,” says volunteers Andy and Linda Miller.

“That’s what this festival is all about, is getting the kids together and celebrating our country,” says Brown.

Organizers say they are glad they were able to put on this event to bring families back together.

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