Hayman’s 1890 Deli brings ‘new life’ to historic building



PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- You can find just about anything at Hayman’s Antiques and Collectibles in Princess Anne, except for the last two years as the doors have been closed.

Now, the building is getting new life with the addition of Hayman’s 1890 Deli. “It was just to help. He needed someone because of the employee shortage and we needed a space that we could downsize and try to make a living for our family,” Owner Renee Mears said.

The Deli comes as a collaboration between Mears and the Hayman’s building owner.

The eatery offers a full selection of Boar’s Head meats for sandwiches, it’s famous homemade salsa, and even sweet treats.

We’re told the space is apart of the Main Street revitalization efforts. “We’re happy always to see new business come into town or a building renovated so that it can accommodate new businesses, apartments, and things like that,” Main Street Manager Carrie Samis said.

“It’s just such a sense of community and everyone helps each other out. We refer people to different places here and just try to encourage people to shop local,” Mears said.

Owner Renee Mears is no stranger to the world of business as she was the previous owner of a restaurant in the town. She tells us the space was the perfect opportunity to roll history back to the forefront and cut down on some business expenses due to rising inflation.

“For us it was the food costs. It tripled. A case of chicken that might cost us $70 is now $170,” Mears said.

“So we would have to try and cut maybe 33% would be the goal and it would be 50%, which anyone in the restaurant business knows that’s a huge cut from 33% to 50% for food costs.”

Mears says this is a difficult time to be a business owner but the legacy she’ll leave her family keeps her pushing on. “My girls work here, so I fear for them if this doesn’t work or trying to make sure that they have enough hours so they can feed their families,” Mears said.

“We really depend on our community and they’ve been great. They’re so supportive and without them we couldn’t do it.”

Samis tells 47abc there have been major developments in the area over the last few years and more are on the way, including new businesses.

The Deli is also in the works to add a coffee nook to the space.


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