Gov. Carney signs bill at the Delaware State Fair, giving more equity to smaller farms

DELAWARE- Governor John Carney signed a bill Thursday afternoon that will hopefully bring more equity to smaller farms.

Senate Bill 163 was signed at the Delaware State Fair, which will closely align specific land uses with the U.S. Census Bureau’s definition of a farm.
Governor Carney said the definition of farm land kind of excluded people farming 10 acres or less and the standard that they had to meet to be considered as farmland. But, with the language now redefined, we’re told it will ensure a more equitable tax treatment of farms throughout Delaware.

“It does again go to this objective of making farming viable operation here in Delaware because if we don’t do that, you know, we can protect a lot purchase development rights but you’re going to see farmland turned into residential communities; and we want to preserve as much farmland as we can,” Gov. Carney said. 

 The primary sponsor of the Bill is Senator Dave Lawson. The Act does go into effect upon being signed into law.

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