Equine rescue hosting Quarter Auction to continue their mission of helping animals

DELAWARE- Changing Fates Equine Rescue is hosting a Quarter Auction on July 30 at the Laurel Fire Department to raise money to support animals in their care.

The rescue helps locate abused and neglected horses. They then rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, and re-home these animals. The Equine Rescue not only helps horses, but they’ve adopted other animals as well.

We are told they have been doing great work lately and sending a lot of horses out for training, which makes them more adoptable. “There are very few adopters that are able to put in the time that’s necessary to get a horse to the point where they can be ridden and so by being able to have these extra funds to send them out for training it allows them to find their forever home,” Meg Searcey, Vice President of Changing Fates Equine Rescue, said.

Searcey told us taking care of these animals can cost a pretty penny. “Everyone of our animals, especially horses, horses need their feet done every other month just feeding them is quite the bill as well and then they get their teeth done; they get annual vaccines,” Searcey said. And, with the expensive costs of materials and services it’s also impacting the rescue. “Just like we are seeing rising costs everywhere else, our hay and our feet costs have begun to rise as well and so it’s one of those things where it wasn’t necessarily what we were expecting, but we are making do where we can,” Searcey said.

To help with all these costs, Changing Fates Equine Rescue will host the Quarter Auction at 4 p.m. They are looking for local businesses to donate items towards the auction

To get your tickets ahead of the event and find out more information, head to changingfatesequine.org.

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