DE Gov. Carney spends his day at the state fair connecting with fairgoers, visiting exhibits

HARRINGTON, Del.- If you happen to be walking around the Delaware State Fair Thursday, you may see a familiar face. Delaware John Carney stopped by the fair for Governor’s Day.

“We get through the hot with some ice cream, some water ice, and that type of thing,” Gov. Carney said.

Gov. Carney wasn’t just cooling off by eating ice cream, he was also crossing other items off his list. “It starts with the egg toss, which I like a lot,” Gov. Carney said. “It moves on talking to the leaders of the 4-H and the FFA which is really special; they are our future and seeing the exhibits and all of that.”

One of the exhibits catching the Governor’s eye was the the Arts and Crafts. In fact, he believes it’s the best craft year at the fair yet. “I was really into it, one of the guys who won I actually worked with years ago up in New Castle County,” Gov. Carney said. “He had a really elaborate thing that he had knitted together.”

Governor Carney’s appreciation for the exhibit didn’t go unnoticed. A family that’s been working the fair for years thinks it’s an honor for him to spend so much time connecting with people. 

“We love that the Governor came in because they do a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to grow all of these vegetables and we think it’s nice that someone in the state can see that,” Debbie Bennett, the Superintendent of the Garden Vegetables, said.

“It’s nice to see that he actually does care about them, he comes in and he really talks and he likes to know what won what and what did this,” so its very nice that he doesn’t just come in here you know just to walk through, that he actaully cares about being in here,” Summer Wieder, Assistant Superintendent of the Garden Vegetables, said.
“It’s important that people in power like the Governor can come and see all the hard work that these people put into growing the food that we eat,” Shannan Mcintosh, Assistant Superintendent of the Garden Vegetables, said.
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