Atlantic General Hospital launches new app, expands access to services/providers

DELAWARE – Atlantic General Hospital patients will have all the offerings of the health care system — right in the palm of their hands.

The AG Cares App is the organization’s new effort to broaden access to services and providers at any time.

It’s a more user-friendly update to AG’s previous app, with new features that include 24/7 access to the patient portal, updates on events and classes being offered, and the option to pay your bill right from your phone.

Yet, the benefits don’t stop there. “When you’re at another providers office and want to download and access your results you can and any other information they might need. You can even house your medication. If you end up somewhere say on vacation and you need to know what are all your currently medications are that can be housed there,” Atlantic General’s Toni Keiser said.

“You can schedule your appointments using the app. You can actually have a consultation through the portal via the app instead of going to several locations.”

If you’re interested, The AG Cares App is now available in Apple and Google play stores.

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