Trail To The Truth: Kim Knott

MILLINGTON, Md. -“If we found out who did it, I would ask the detective if his does get the death penalty… can I push that button?

Who did it?

The question the Knott family and Maryland State Police can’t seem to answer after a gruesome murder took the life of a Kent County man.
It all unfolded on a chilly October evening in 2021.

“I’m waking up and before my wife could even come and tell me what happened, I already have plenty of notifications and people telling me what happened, what’s going on, the house was on fire,” said Raheem Knott.

The two story home off Daisy Drive engulfed in flames.
A collapsed roof shattered glass charred furniture.
A sight that even fire fighters had a difficult time explaining.

“I’m contacting all different hospitals, Kent and Queen Anne’s, then they told me that they found a body,” said Shaquille Knott.

House Fire To Homicide Case

A sinister feeling loomed over the quiet town of Millington.

“It’s a street light, blinking light, type of town, a couple corner stores, fire department, it’s a very close knit town,” said Corporal Scott Sears with Maryland State Police.

A town that rarely saw caution tape surrounding a nearby home.

“They haven’t had a homicide here in many years, so for this occurrence to happen is highly, highly unusual,” said Cpl. Sears.

A murder that left Cpl. Scott Sears with goosebumps.
The only DNA not destroyed in the fire were a few teeth. Dental records confirming that body was 62-year-old Kimm Knott.

“As a son you want to know what happened to my father, then you get the information and it’s like I really didn’t want to know that,” Shaquille Knott.

But not all of the information is out there yet.
MSP is still struggling to find a suspect after a majority of the evidence was destroyed in the fire.

Limited Evidence

What they did recover, was a neighbor’s ring doorbell that recorded the sounds of gunfire.
Which they determined was his cause of death.
And also a quick image of the house going up in flames.
There was no car in the drive way or forced entry into the home, both moves that police believe were intentional.

Why Was Knott the Target?

Did he know the killer?
Did he have enemies?
All questions I found myself asking his son, Raheem.

“I couldn’t tell you, just to hear that statement ‘Does he have any enemies?’ It’s like what do you mean? He was a father, what enemies would he have?”

A retired veteran and father murdered in cold blood.
No leads, evidence, or suspects.
Desperate for answers police reached out to 47ABC to help uncover the Trail To The Truth.

“It was terrible what happened to him and we want justice for him,” said Cpl. Sears.

“Again that’s the bare minimum, the last thing I wanna do is find answers, or this is the reason, this is the person that killed my father. I just want my father here. That’s the answer that I want,” said Raheem Knott.

But his father isn’t here and that painful reminder still stings with each day the cases gets closer to turning cold.
His two sons tell me their only wish is to put his killer behind bars and have one last goodbye.

“I just want to hug him. Tell him I love him. And if it’s one of those conversations that you see in the movies, and you just want that last hug and then they go on back to heaven or whatever, just be at peace and I love you. Say it over and over again,” cried Shaquille Knott.

If you know anything about what happened…. your tip could prevent the case from turning cold. Call Corporal Scott Sears¬† with information at (443)-783-7230.

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