SBY City Council holding meeting to go over fuel, electricity costs for Marina

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury’s City Council is having a special session Friday afternoon to discuss funding shortfalls in the gasoline and electricity accounts at the Port of Salisbury Marina.

The goal is to get a $6,000 budget amendment approved for the Department of Field Operations. This fiscal year, the city’s energy consultant projected $9,900 would be needed to cover the Marina’s electricity costs, but that projection increased to $14,800. It is anticipated that this overage is due to increased usage by docked boats.

Now, when it comes to fuel it is projected that $4,500 will provide enough fuel to supply the Marina until the new fiscal year.  As fuel costs have increased and requests for fuel have increased due to a nearby marinas fuel service being offline, the Port of Salisbury Marina is limiting dispensing to 30 gallons. As of
noon on Monday, 233 gallons of gasoline remained.

City Administrator, Julia Glanz, said anticipating fuel costs can be tricky, especially in a time when rising prices are impacting everyone.

“This budget amendment will take us through the end of the fiscal year which is June 30, the new budget comes into effect July,” Glanz said. ” So, we will be able to purchase more, this is just to get us through a couple of weeks and we are going to be making some changes in our budget moving forward that we won’t have to make these last minute changes.”

Glanz added the city will need to dig a little deeper into understanding the increase in electricity costs.

The Special Meeting will be held at 3:30 p.m. via Zoom.

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